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ASTM Section 4:2015

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Model: ASTM Section 4:2015
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Full Description

Ships as published. Complete revised annually in November.

Includes 2413 standards.

This section includes Volumes 04.01 through 04.13:
  • Volume 04.01 Cement; Lime; Gypsum
  • Volume 04.02 Concrete and Aggregates
  • Volume 04.03 Road and Paving Materials; Vehicle-Pavement Systems
  • Volume 04.04 Roofing, Waterproofing, and Bituminous Materials
  • Volume 04.05 Chemical-Resistant Nonmetallic Materials; Vitrified Clay Pipe; Concrete Pipe; Fiber Reinforced Cement Products; Mortars and Grouts; Masonry
  • Volume 04.06 Thermal Insulation; Environmental Acoustics
  • Volume 04.07 Building Seals and Sealants; Fire Standards; Dimension Stone
  • Volume 04.08 Soil and Rock (I): D 420-D 5611
  • Volume 04.09 Soil and Rock (II): D 5714--latest
  • Volume 04.10 Wood
  • Volume 04.11 Building Constructions (I): E 72--E 1670
  • Volume 04.12 Building Constructions (II): E 1671--latest; Property Management Systems; Technology and Underground Utilities
  • Volume 04.13 Geosynthetics